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What is the Midlands Burn Care Network?

People PyramidThe Network helps to coordinate the treatment and care of all patients that live in the Midlands. The main hospitals involved in providing burns services are the University Hospitals and Children's Hospital in Birmingham and the University Hospitals in Nottingham and Leicester.

We provide a framework to ensure there is a coordinated approach to burn care in the Midlands and that patients have access to the best possible services.

What area does the Network cover?

Map of area covered The MBCN is involved in ensuring that anyone who lives in the Midlands, whether this is Lincolnshire in the East or Herefordshire in the West has access to the level of care that they need.

This involves planning care for a population of approximately 13.7 million; equating to approximately 20% of the population of England. The above map is an illustration of the area covered by the MBCN.

The purpose of the Network?

Question markOur main aim is to develop a burns service that is capable of meeting all the physical, psychological and social needs of all the patients in the Midlands.

The intention of the team is to deliver a burn care service of the highest quality and enhance its national and international reputation as a clinical leader through participation in research and educational initiatives that will benefit both patients and their carers. An excellent and equitable burn care service across the region remains our priority.



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